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70% less plastic, 93% less trucks on the road

Why do we love this story?

Feneberg Lebensmittel GmbH was one of the first to switch to a PP-based, certified recyclable flowpack away from the back then standard tray solution.

We are impressed by their courage to take this step and are the more happy to see that it paid of for them!
With the switch we were able to support Feneberg in, they saved approximately 36 tons of plastic each year, reduced the trucks needed to deliver the packaging drastically.
Very important: For their valuable product nothing has changed – it’s protected safely in its new packaging!

Feneberg a well-known retailer in southern Germany represents the values homeland, quality and trust. The meat which is produced with a lot of heart and soul by their contract farmers in the region meets craftsmanship and state of the art production technology in their butchery.

adapa Feneberg Flowpack Pol

The facts

  • Packaging type: Switch from tray to certified recyclable PP-flowpack
  • Impact on the packaging: 70% / 36t less plastic per year; switch to D4R
  • Product packed: minced meat
  • Logistics impact: 93% less trucks to deliver reels instead of trays
  • Amount of packaging per pallet: 81.000 instead of 5.000
  • Customer: Feneberg Lebensmittelhandel GmbH, Kempten
  • adapa product: MonoFlow(re) PXC

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