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80% less plastic and designed for recycling

Why do we love this story?

Neuburger Fleischlos GmbH achieved a stunning 80% reduction of the plastic used in the packaging of their vegetarian HERMANN product.

Together we found a solution that combines a recyclable, unprinted flexible film that perfectly protects their product with a printed carton that gives the stability and the full printability for great marketing.

It makes us proud to be able to round off innovative concepts by forward driven companies with our packaging solutions. In the case of Neuburger, we think that the packaging solution that we have developed together is the perfect fit for their HERMANN, a mushroom-based vegetarian product-line with organic ingredients.

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About Neuburger

Neuburger is a family business from Ulrichsberg, Austria, with over 100 years of company history. Known for the Neuburger brand (we don’t call it Leberkäse!), the company has also been serving the vegetarian market with products from its own mushroom farm since 2016.

The facts

  • Packaging type: Switch from multimaterial tray to certified recyclable Polyolefin top and bottom web
  • Impact on the packaging: 80% less plastic per packaging; switch to D4R
  • Product packed: mushroom-based vegetarian product line
  • Special packaging demands: Pasteurisation
  • Customer: Neuburger Fleischlos GmbH, Ulrichsberg
  • adapa products: VACUflex(re) EX-T and MonoTop(re)

Watch the video on our shared story here!

(110) Schur Flexibles Group – Client Case Neuburger Hermann Fleischlos – YouTube

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