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A lidding film with a density <1 g/cm³

Why do we love this story?

At the moment, the recycling landscape in Europe is still very heterogenous. Vergeer is a great customer of ours from the Netherlands that we really enjoy working with.

In this project we have tried several solutions for the reclose packaging of their cheese slices until we found this lidding film that allowed for them to keep their existing bottom web and still follow the guidelines of one of their major customers. Finding this special polyolefin film with a density below 1 g/cm³ challenged us. And that’s what we love. It made us improve and go new ways.
Besides that our Marketing team, who was allowed to make the movie on this wonderful story, was amazed by the new site and the lovely team in Bodegraven 😉

Vergeer and adapa team

About Vergeer

Vergeer Holland is a dutch cheese company specialized in maturing, slicing and packaging cheese for customers in the Netherlands and abroad. Supplying naturally ripened cheese as well as foil cheese and in many delicious varieties, they cover the popular Gouda, Edam and Maasdam, or the distinct Emmental, smooth Mozzarella, tangy Cheddar and the special Mimolette. Vergeer Holland also process speciality cheeses, such as cumin, sambal and garden herbs, as well as cheese from 20+ to 40+.

The facts

  • Packaging type: New polyolefin lidding film with a density <1 g/cm³
  • Impact on the packaging: now following the guidelines of a major customer of Vergeer ; 26-30% less material used (also due to the reduced thickness and dimensions of the bottom web)
  • Product packed: sliced cheese
  • Customer: Vergeer Holland, Bodegraven
  • adapa products: FlexiClose(re) AMX

Watch the video on our shared story here!

(110) Customer Story: Vergeer Holland upgrades its packaging for sliced cheese – YouTube

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