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Helping you make your best choices.

Our PackScience Center is set up in a way to support you in making the best choices for your business. Our offer includes not only more knowledge for you but we also invest our time and provide our machine infrastructure, so that you don’t have to interrupt your production cycles. In close cooperation with our departments such as our product management, R&D, the sustainability team, our technical application service and sales, we offer the perfect surrounding to get the best for you.


A new packaging is a big step for you. We want to make this step as easy and pleasant as possible!
On the state of the art packaging lines in our techcenter you can test your new packaging – supported by our experts – make samples for retailers or consumer tests or have all this done by us, and we bring you in digitally.

It’s simple: Better knowledge = better decisions. Therefore we love to share knowledge with our partners. The wide programme of seminars covers the important facts all around flexible packaging and plastics in general. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of our colleagues we can also offer tailor-made trainings. Just get in contact and we will set up your individual session.

Without a fitting machine the best packaging film will not get you very far oftentimes.

If you have questions regarding machine technology or applications, we have the necessary contacts to solve even difficult tasks in cooperation with the machine suppliers.

This may concern the following applications: Thermoforming, VFFS/HFFS, Traysealer, Twist, Shrink. But also customized special applications, as required by your products.

adapa machines hall 3 people
adapa machines hall
adapa 2 poeple and film roll
adapa fish packaging

Individualised expert support for you!


Making the packaging part in your production run smoothly

Your production set-up is unique: whether it’s your product, your lines or your staff. Every change within this eco-system can lead to downtimes, reoccurring issues and finally a loss of efficiency.
Your workers are experts in their field, but sometimes even experts need expert advice.

In case you need support on:
• the best settings for your machine and our films
• testing of new packaging materials
• trouble-shooting in ongoing production

our technical application service is available for you. Either remotely for fast first aid or in person. By the way, did you know that thanks to our regional setup we are close to our customers’ and speak most of their local languages?

About the adapa Technical Application Service:

Our “TAS” assists, tests and accompanies the machine-related qualification of our films – either on site or remotely. With their long-standing experience our colleagues own the necessary skill-set to provide fast and competent solutions.

adapa machine expertise


Twist lines


Shrink lines

Twist lines



Tray sealers

Tray sealers


Shrink lines

Contact us at and we will find a solution!

No 2nd chance for a 1st impression

70% of retail purchases are unplanned. Therefore, your design needs to have the greatest possible impact.
To achieve high-quality results in packaging printing, the chosen process should be perfectly matched to your individual needs. With targeted advice on the type of printing process, the number of colours or effect varnishes that make consumers want to reach for your brand again and again, you can set the stage perfectly for your product at the point of sale.

Which of the printing technologies is the best for your application?

machine print digital

Digital printing – high impact and flexibility

Whether you are a startup or big brand owner, digital printing has a lot to offer. Individualise your products with hp Mosaic and hp Collage, produce promotional series in small batches or simply optimise batch sizes in general. Digital printing offers a wide range of cost saving opportunities in combination with unique design features. And since you do not need tooling the whole process becomes quicker and cheaper without losing quality of print.

machine flexo print

Flexographic printing

With HQ and HD flexo printing with up to 10 colours and UV flexo printing you have the possibility of flexible order quantities in highest quality and urgent orders, due to short lead times. Metallic print effects and a wide range of tactile lacquers make your product stand out at the POS.

machine rotogravure print

Rotogravure printing

You have big order quantities or your brand colour in highest quality is extremely important for you? Then you might want to look into rotogravure printing technology for your product with its extremely constant printing quality and short lead times compared to standard rotogravure printing. Once you have engraved your cylinders, they will last you for years depending on your quantities of course.

edited photo from exhibition


AI, teams, Zoom, … the digital world makes many things easier, faster and often more convenient. However, there are things that can simply be discussed better when you sit around a table together.

We look forward to meeting you in person at the following events!

Events 2024

Packaging Innovations (Poland)

09. - 10.10.

Krakow, Poland
To be announced

Smart Proteins Summit (Germany)

05 - 05.11.

Frankfurt (Germany)
Let's meet in the exhibitor area!

Deutscher Fleisch Kongress (Germany)

26. - 27.11.

Let's meet in the exhibitors area!

Internationaler Süßwaren-Kongress 2024

20. - 22.11.2024

Berlin, Germany
Let's meet in the exhibitor area!

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