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Career Day 2024: adapa Italy Florence at University of Naples Federico II

In a remarkable showcase of commitment to nurturing future talent, adapa Italy Florence participated in the “Career Day 2024” at the historic University of Naples Federico II. This year´s Career Day was especially memorable as it coincided with the university’s 800th anniversary. 


Empowering future generations 

Rosanna Santella, HR Manager at adapa Italy Florence, represented our company with enthusiasm and expertise. Her engagement with ambitious students highlighted our proactive approach in bridging academic and professional worlds, in order to ignite the aspirations of young talent. 

A dual-phase approach to inspiration 

The Career Day was segmented into two phases to maximise impact: 

  1. Virtual insights (February 27th): To provide a comprehensive overview of adapa’s mission and culture and to offer students an insight into possible career opportunities within our organisation, the first phase kicked off with online webinars.  
  1. In-person engagement (March 27th): Following these webinars, we transitioned to face-to-face interactions on site at the Monte Sant’Angelo university campus, fostering personal connections and allowing students to engage directly with industry professionals as well as conduct one-on-one interviews. 

a_ moment to connect 

This platform was not just a meeting point but a thriving networking hub for students, recent grads, and alumni, enabling our team to scout potential talent for our diverse departments. By showcasing our company’s core values and culture, we positioned ourselves as an employer of choice. 

Rosanna recaps: “The energy and ambition at Career Day 2024 were contagious. It was inspiring to engage with such driven individuals and help bridge their journey from academia to industry.”, she adds: “It’s exciting to think about the future they will build.” 

Our active participation in such inspiring events highlights our dedication to cultivating the next generation of industry professionals, ensuring a robust future for the sector. 

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