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Mit 80% PCR-Anteil und optimiertem Design for Recycling den Kreislauf schließen

Der EcoString bag der adapa Gruppe ist die nachhaltigere Alternative des Kordelzugbeutels

adapa Ecostring Loopbag

Die adapa Group, eines der führenden europäischen Unternehmen im Bereich der flexiblen Verpackungslösungen, hebt den klassischen Kordelzugbeutel für Hygiene- und Kosmetikprodukte auf eine neue Ebene: Der weiterentwickelte EcoString bag enthält 80% Post-Consumer-Rezyklat-(PCR)-Anteil und ist somit nachhaltiger als normale Kordelzugbeutel. Diese innovative Einstoff-Lösung, bei der sowohl der Beutel als auch das Zugband aus gut bedruckbarem Polyethylen bestehen, ermöglicht die vollständige Recyclingfähigkeit und den Einsatz von recyceltem Material. This innovative single-material solution, in which both the bag and the drawstring are made of easily printable polyethylene, enables full recyclability and the use of recycled material.

Echte Mono-Material-Lösung für Hygiene- und Kosmetikartikel

Closing product loops is the supreme discipline of the circular economy for packaging. To achieve this, packaging must be both recyclable and made from recycled materials. This is exactly the case with adapa’s innovative EcoString bags: the packaging is made from 80% mechanically recycled post consumer recyclate (PCR) and is recyclable because both the bag and drawstring are made entirely of polyethylene (PE). The familiar drawstring made of viscose is replaced by a plastic strap, while retaining its functionality. The resulting mono-material packaging eliminates the need to separate the components for recycling. EcoString bags are thus fully recyclable and with 80% PCR adapa closes the loop.

The innovative packaging from adapa is available as prefabricated bags with holes for simplified order picking. They are characterised by their economical use of materials: With film thicknesses from 32 µm, they are among the thinnest products available on the market in this segment. In addition, adapa also focuses on resource conservation in the production of the drawstring, as it is made from edge trimmings from the production of the bags. EcoString bags can be printed in up to 10 colours. Both the bag and the drawstring can be used for print communication. With their individual matte or glossy finish, they ensure a visually attractive product appearance at the POS. The use of recycled material and the recyclability of EcoString bags are a real selling point for conscious consumers.

adapa cotton pads

Highest standards of quality and safety

As part of its commitment to greater sustainability and resource conservation, the packaging industry is looking for new solutions to expand the use of PCR. With the EcoString bag, adapa has succeeded in doing so in the drawstring bag segment. The use of PCR materials presents numerous challenges: high-quality PCR material is required, which adapa can quickly identify thanks to the expertise of its in-house PS Polymer Sourcing. In addition, specifications in the area of quality and consumer protection must be met: „We have contributed our many years of experience in the production of EcoString bags as well as our expertise around sustainability and the requirements of the hygiene industry. With regular quality controls and checks in external laboratories, we at adapa ensure the highest product safety for our new generation of bags with 80% PCR content,“ explains Joanna Herbst, Product Manager Converting at adapa.

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