Oliver Herlt

General Counsel

Oliver Herlt has been responsible for legal matters of adapa Group since the end of 2019 and was appointed as authorised signatory of the Group’s holdings in 2022. In addition to providing legal support for the implementation of our company´s strategy and all resulting strategic projects, he focuses on digitising legal operations. The goal is to efficiently manage legal risks along the entire value chain within adapa Group.

Oliver is a team player who, together with his colleagues, aims to proactively identify and avoid critical legal risks for the Group. He also seeks to trade acceptable legal risks for commercial benefit that exceeds the cost of the risk, thereby creating value for our organisation. With a focus on constantly changing regulatory requirements as well as the needs of adapa’s stakeholders, Oliver drives accountability in line with the company’s core principles.

His extensive international experience in various industry sectors, as well as successful execution of M&A, restructuring, and financing, build upon Oliver’s broad legal expertise and excellent entrepreneurial understanding.

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