Converter Films

What do you expect of your converter films?

Packaging carries a large responsability for a safe and convenient end consumer experience with your customers’ products. Since packaging is not just simple plastic or paper film but almost an art, where different attributes of individual films are laminated to become complex functional structures, the choice of the right films used to create these is of highest importance. And also not always easy to do!

Being in the converter business ourselves, we know about the hurdles in the creation of packaging films. Be assured that we always have your back and do not stop until we have found the perfect solution for you!

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What defines good converter films?

  • Reliable machinability on converter & packaging lines
  • Traceability
  • Repeated and consistent film qualities

What enhanced packaging concepts can do for you:

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Perfect match for your packaging film range

In decades of experience with converter films we have found the ideal solutions for many customers. May we support you in finding yours?

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CPP Converter Films

  • Ideal choice for fast running packaging machines or packaging for heat-treatment
  • With barrier and without
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PE Converter Films

  • With barrier and without
  • Transparent and white
  • Reclose, peel, antifog, low S.I.T.
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MDO-PE Converter Films

  • Enables printed, D4R, mono PE packaging
  • Great stiffness and tensile strength
  • 100% PE

What else would you like to know about PE and CPP converter films?

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