CPP Converter Films

CPP films are ideal when it comes to heat treatment or fast running packaging machines.

Our CPP films are sought-after components for PP packaging suitable for sterilisation or high-speed packaging lines. Well known for their quality our CPP films serve the markets for almost 40 years.

  • Available with high, medium and without barrier
  • Various options to customise the films to your requirements, such as antifog, (ultra) low S.I.T., specific friction values, various peels or reclose options.
  • Films for in-mould labelling (IML), with barrier and without
  • Films for sterilisable application, incl. Stand-Up Poches (SUP)
  • Thicknesses: starting at 35 µm

CPP (cast Polypropylene) is referring to the production technology (castextrusion), as well as the material (PP).

Thanks to its chemical structure PP packaging films are sealable but at the same time withstand the heat and pressure applied during heat-treatment processes.

Our CPP films are aimed converters and are used to create all kind of flexible packaging, including packaging designed for recycling, high barrier packaging, Stand-Up pouches, IML (in mould labelling), sterilisable packaging, flowpacks, thermoforming and lidding films.

Our CPP films can be delivered with peel, anti-fog, no, medium and high barrier and are available in white and transparent as standard.

  • Enables the creation of recyclable packaging
  • Downgauging possible

Markets & Applications CPP converter films suit best

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