Flowpacks & Liners

Pillowpack, block bottom, quattro seal – flowpacks are as versatile as the products they pack!

Loose goods such as candies, grated cheese or cornflakes and individually wrapped pieces such as chocolates - safely packed: that's what flowpacks and liners are best at!

  • Paper- and plastic-based films and laminates
  • Thickness: starting at 35 µm
  • choice of barriers, such as EVOH, PVOH, Alox, Siox or no barrier
  • Options: reclose, peel, antifog
  • PP, PE and paper-based D4R versions
  • Heat- and coldseal available

Yes. This could be a very nice option for promotions or special editions to bring more fun to your customers' kitchen tables.

It depends on your machine. If it has the right set-up then the switch is (rather) easily done.

No. Only specific products demand modified atmosphere in the pack. These products then also have a corresponding barrier in the packaging.

No, each application needs to be discussed individually because every product demands different levels of barriers (oxygen, light, physical)

  • MonoFlow(re) PXC certified recyclable
  • Worldstar award

Markets & Applications flowpacks and liners suit best

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