Folds & Alu Laminates

A packaging with edges and corners.

Artfully folded around products, folded packaging is an integral part of the confectionery and snack world.

  • Materials:
    Wax-coated paper
    Metallised paper
  • Thicknesses: starting from 10µm
  • Printable with up to 8 colours
  • Embossing possible
  • Secondary packaging (e.g. for flowpacks) available

All standard folds are possible, such as envelope folds, side and bottom folds, Vienna fruit folds, roll wraps

Chewing gum, chocolate bars, fruit chews, soft mints and mints.

Thanks to special release coatings, sticky confectionery can also be packaged.

Yes, we are able to produce packaging with tamper evidence, typically used in roll wraps.

We are closely working together with multiple machine suppliers to ensure great and efficient runnability on packaging machines.

Downgauging possible

Markets & Applications Folds and alu laminates suit best

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