Heat Sealable Lids & Cover Leafs

Seal your cups reliably, even through contamination!

Less waste due to leaky cups? Our heat-sealable die-cut lids make it possible. Seal through contamination and stand out from the crowd with a smooth and consistent easy-peel opening.

  • Lidding materials: PET and rPET (transparent, metallized and white), PP
  • Sealing against: PP, PE, PET, Paper/PE
  • Thickness: starting at ~48 µm
  • Single and double dot embossing available
  • Wide range of standardized die-cut shapes and competitive prices for individualised shapes

Yes, thanks to our sealing layer contaminated sealing areas are not a problem for our DanaCoverseal range.

We offer solutions for containers and cups made out of PET, PP, PE and paper/PE.

Yes, our heat sealable die-cut lids are printable in HD Hydro Flexo and UV Flexo.

Our lids are made of PET (transparent, metallized or white), PP.

We offer designed for recycling mono PP lids and post-consumer recycled (mPCR) rPET lids.

Our sealing layer not only seals through contamination but also has a low initial opening force. It grants a consistent tearing, a tamper proof packaging and the smooth and easy peel makes it senior-friendly.

  • rPET and mono PP versions available

Markets & Applications heat sealable lids & cover leafs suit best

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