MDO-PE Converter Films

Enables printed, designed for recycling, mono-PE packaging.

The extraordinary stiffness and tensile strength allow for printing speeds of up to 600m/min, even in rotogravure machines. Rely on a high quality, 100% PE, in machine direction oriented film to create packaging designed for recycling.

  • Available in transparent and matt, as well as metallised and barrier coated.
  • Density: below 1 g/m³
  • Thickness: starting at 20 µm

Our mdoPE films run with every common printing technology used in the flexible packaging industry. Our customer use it successfully on rotogravure, flexo, offset and digital printing lines.

By precisely heating, accelerating and cooling the extruded PE film, it is stretched and oriented in machine direction, gaining and fixing its unique characteristics.

CrystalPE is suitable for the use in every common sector the flexible packaging industry serves.

  • Enables high-speed printing and the creation of printed, designed for recycling, mono-PE packaging.

Markets & Applications MDO-PE converter films suit best

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