Meat, Fish & Poultry

What do you expect of your meat, fish & poultry packaging?

Sensitive products such as meat, fish & poultry demand a lot from a packaging solution. Besides reliable product protection – especially during ripening – a state-of-the-art packaging for fresh products is also designed for recycling, utilises only as much material as necessary, runs smoothly on packaging lines allows for high quality printing, and delivers it’s goods safely to the consumer.
Your customer expects a perfect product experience and packaging can play an important role in this. However, delivering or better exceeding expectations, can be a challenge. We are here to support in making your product experience as perfect as possible.

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What makes good packaging for meat, fish or poultry?

  • Control over the ripening / maturing and reliable product protection
  • Attractive presentation and convenience
  • Design for Recycling

What enhanced packaging concepts can do for you:

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Perfect packaging match for your meat, fish & poultry

In decades of experience with protein packaging we have found the ideal solutions for many customers. May we support you in finding yours?

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  • Vacuum packaging
  • Standard & D4R versions
  • Choice of barriers
  • Ripening, transport and POS
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Top webs

  • MAP packaging
  • Standard & D4R versions
  • Reclose, peel, antifog
  • Quality printing
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Flowpacks & Liners

  • Oftentimes MAP packaging
  • Standard & D4R versions
  • Reclose, peel, antifog
  • Quality printing
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Bags, Pouches & Sachets

  • Oftentimes MAP packaging
  • Standard & D4R versions
  • Reclose, peel, zippers, strings
  • Convenience
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Skin Films

  • PE based
  • Seals to PE, mono APET, PP, Alu, cartonboard
  • Highly transparent and glossy
adapa thermoforming thermoformable pp tray bottom film dairy portion cup

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Rigid & Flexible Bottom Webs

  • Standard & D4R versions
  • PE, PP and multimaterial based
  • Complementary lidding films available
adapa die cut lid heat sealable pp pet rpet paper easy-peel 2

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Heat Sealable Lids & Cover Leafs

  • Exceptional clarity
  • Seals through contamination
  • Easy peel

Is there anything else you would like to know about packaging for meat, fish & poultry?

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