PE Converter Films

Polyethlyene is the backbone of flexible packaging.
Offering a through range of options to choose from, our PE films meet almost every demand.

There are reasons why polythene films are a popular and reliable choice. Rely on experience and a broad portfolio to develop your packaging solution with us.

  • Available with high, medium and without barrier
  • Various options to customise the films to your requirements, such as antifog, (ultra) low S.I.T., metallised, specific friction values, various peels or reclose options.
  • Thicknesses: starting at 20 µm
  • Films for Stand-Up Pouches, flowpacks and lidding films

Printing on PE is possible. However, for highest efficiency and best results we recommend to look for our CrystalPE as a printing layer.

Its recyclability, its moisture resistance and the good sealability are only a few reasons for the widespread usage of Polyethylene films.

Our PE films are aimed converters and are used to create all kind of flexible packaging, including packaging designed for recycling, high barrier packaging, Stand-Up pouches, flowpacks and lidding films.

Our PE films can be delivered with peel, anti-fog, no, medium and high barrier, reclose, are suitable for metallisation and are available in white and transparent as standard.

  • Enables the creation of recyclable packaging
  • Films with recycled content available (rPE)
  • Downgauging possible

Markets & Applications PE converter films suit best

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