Rigid & Flexible Bottom Webs

Some products need something to be placed in – our bottom webs support this.

The efficiency of trays formed on-site from roll stock is unrivalled: save on logistics costs by thermoforming your own trays on-site.

Rigid bottom webs:

  • PP-based
  • Foamed and non-foamed
  • Thicknesses: 200 – 1000 µm
  • With high barrier
  • PE or PP sealing layer, optional peel
  • Very good recyclability
  • Special variants for heat treatment applications (pasteurizable, sterilizable and microwaveable) as well as portion cups
  • Matching top films available
  • Runs on thermoformers

Flexible bottom webs:

  • PA/PE, PA/EVOH/PE and PE/EVOH/PE (Nylon free) films
  • Thicknesses: 70 – 350 µm
  • With high and medium barrier
  • Matching top films available
  • Runs on thermoformers

Yes, our portfolio also covers films especially designed for heat treatment applications (pasteurizable, sterilizable and microwaveable).

Yes, our portfolio covers certified designed for recycling films for both rigid and flexible bottom webs.

The E-base portfolio is our dedicated solution for PP portion cups, featuring high forming accuracy.

Yes, we offer printable and tinted bottom films and of course adapa’s matching lidding films are printable, too.

  • Together with a PP based top web a packaging system solution designed for recycling can be created
  • Certified recyclable versions available

Markets & Applications rigid & flexible bottom webs suit best

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