Shrink Bags, Films & Tubes

Keep your meat & cheese safely protected during maturing or ripening and present them attractively at the point of sale!

Fresh meat and cheese tightly packed with a very low packaging to product packed ratio: Discover shrink packaging!

  • Wide range of products:
    • Finished shrink bags: shingled on tape, loose stacked or bundled or perforated tear-off bags on reel (POR), various bag shapes and side seal geometries possible
    • Shrink tube: tubes for further converting and bag manufacturing
    • Shrink films: top and bottom shrink films for thermoformers as well as shrink films for flowwrappers
  • Thickness range: 40-180µm
  • Choice of barrier levels and types to suit product individually
  • Converting: Double-sided flexo printing up to 10 colours or one-colour inline printing possible
  • Highly transparent or tinted
  • PP and PE sealing layers
  • Pasteurisable and cookable versions
  • Overlap sealing possible
  • Designed for recycling versions: certified recyclable PE/EVOH and PA/PE versions

That is quite difficult to judge once the product is in. Every once in a while you should inspect the sealing if it is neat and flat. If you want to check the charge of packaging you are using, you can do this by submerging the bag under water and blowing it up with air.

In certain cases yes.

Yes. However you need to make sure to use boneguard structures to avoid perforation of the packaging.

Both are great packaging types but since shrink packaging encloses the product tighter, you will normally have less leakage of meat juices, a more stable temperature of the product and therefore a lower risk for growth of microorganisms.

Depending on your product and considering, besides the ripening time, also storage, transportation and distribution of the packs, the cheese can remain up to 12 months in a shrink bag.

  • Certified recyclable and awarded: VACUshrink(re) MEX 55
  • Newly certified: VACUshrink CM and VACUshrink CH with low to high barrier based on PA for cheese ripening
  • low packaging vs. packed product weight ratio

Markets & Applications Shrink packaging suits best

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