Skin Films

Premium packaging for premium products.

The clear view on the product predestines skin packaging as the go-to packaging for eye-catching product presentations on the shelf.

  • PE-based
  • Thickness range: 80, 100, 125 and 150 μm
  • With high-barrier properties
  • Seals to PE, mono APET, PP, Alu
  • Highly transparent

The film is placed gently and tension free around your product. It fits tight but does not deform the filling good.

The specific use of skin films is VSP (vacuum skin packaging) and a MAP is not needed respectively possible. The film wraps the product tight.

Vacuum Skin Packaging.

Our SkinFresh Top films can be used with all common trays and bottom films, such as PET/PE, PP/PE, cartonboard and mono materials like APET, PP, Alu.

We received excellent feedback for its runnability on both traysealers and thermoformers.

  • Extended shelf-life for fresh cuts
  • Cardboard based bottoms can be used to reduce the overall plastic use of the packaging

Markets & Applications skin films suit best

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