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What do you expect of your tea & coffee packaging?

The individually elaborated, exquisit set of aromas in each tea and coffee brand demands quite a sophisticated packaging for these notes to be safely protected. On top of this, nowadays a packaging needs to check many more boxes: design for recycling, resource-saving, fast and secure sealing and a print design to communicate the quality right at the point of sale.

Ultimately, our businesses are all about consumer satisfaction and packaging can help you achieve it. Whatever you might need on your individual journey to get there, we are here to support you!

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What makes good packaging for coffee and tea?

  • Protection of aromas
  • Antistatics for good sealing despite contamination
  • Design for Recycling”

For each tea and coffee product there is a perfect packaging. To support you in this sometimes tedious process of finding it, we have prepared some valuable insights for you that might help you on your journey. How about a short read?

An overview on the impact of the PPWR on flexible packaging

What is MDO-PE and what do you need it for?

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Do we dare to be the change? The shelf life dilemma

What enhanced packaging concepts can do for you:

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Perfect packaging match for your coffee & tea

In decades of experience with tea & coffee packaging we have found the ideal solutions for many customers. May we support you in finding yours?

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Top webs

  • MAP packaging
  • Standard & D4R versions
  • Reclose, peel, antifog
  • Quality printing
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Flowpacks & Liners

  • Oftentimes MAP packaging
  • Standard & D4R versions
  • Reclose, peel, antifog
  • Quality printing
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Bags, Pouches & Sachets

  • Oftentimes MAP packaging
  • Standard & D4R versions
  • Reclose, peel, zippers, strings
  • Convenience
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Tea Tags

  • Paper & plastic structures
  • Diverse formats
  • Individual printing on each tag
  • Compostable inks
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Top Labels

  • Heat-seal coated paper
  • Peel
  • Unique coding
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Rigid & Flexible Bottom Webs

  • Standard & D4R versions
  • PE, PP and multimaterial based
  • Complementary lidding films available
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Heat Sealable Lids & Cover Leafs

  • Exceptional clarity
  • Seals through contamination
  • Easy peel

What else would you like to know about tea & coffee packaging?

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