Tea Tags

Putting your brand into the spotlight at the moment of consumption.

3-8 minutes to convey every aspect of your tea brand to your consumer. That's where tea tags take center stage! Find out more on this packaging type!

  • Paper and paper-plastic structures
  • Thicknesses: 100-250 g/m²
  • Proven on Ima, Teepack Perfecta / Compacta, Tsubakimoto Twinkle, Fuso FP / FPG, Maisa EC HST PT, Tecnomeccanica T2 Prima

We use food safe inks, so that is not a problem.

Yes, we can print up to 400 varying tea-tags in one run.

We are using biodegradable inks and papers that are certified recyclable to produce our tea tags. If you would like a certificate for your tea tags, let us know.

  • Compostable inks available
  • Paper-based tea tags are made from renewable resources and are FSC-certified

Markets & Applications tea tags suit best

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