What do you expect of your tobacco packaging?

Protecting the unique aromas of your tobacco brand is not the only task a modern packaging needs to fulfill: Design for recycling, resource-saving, highest quality printing to protect your brand and convince at the point of sale are just a few of the many functionalities.
Ultimately, our businesses are all about consumer satisfaction and packaging can help you achieve it. Whatever you might need on your individual journey to get there, we are here to support you!

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What makes good packaging for tobacco?

  • Compliance with legal requirements and anticounterfeit
  • Preservation of aromas
  • Design for Recycling

What enhanced packaging concepts can do for you:

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Perfect packaging match for your tobacco

In decades of experience with tobacco packaging we have found the ideal solutions for many customers. May we support you in finding yours?

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Flowpacks & Liners

  • Oftentimes MAP packaging
  • Standard & D4R versions
  • Reclose, peel, antifog
  • Quality printing

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Tobacco Pouches

  • Premade pouches
  • Pouches on reel
  • Design for Recycling versions

What else would you like to know about tobacco packaging?

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