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Executive Board

Juan Luis Martinez Artega


Juan Luís Martínez Arteaga
Chief Executive Officer

Juan Luís has been leading adapa as CEO since the end of 2021. He joined the group as COO in 2018.

Juan Luis encourages his team to live up to the group’s purpose of being a frontrunner in the industry by constantly expanding their technological competences and innovation capabilities to drive change towards sustainable protective packaging solutions. This organisational set-up provides the basis for value creation and ensures customer satisfaction.

As a leader, he empowers high-performance teams to generate sustained growth in the industrial sector. His ambition is to realise strategic projects and deliver strong results while keeping or making processes lean and efficient. Juan Luís is a team-player, promoting interaction and entrepreneurship. With his focus on transparency and best-practice management, he is speeding up the Group’s transformation to reduce its ecological footprint and to pave the way for a circular economy.

Juan Luis brings in an unrivalled expertise in operations and process optimisation based on his long-term international management experience in packaging and building materials as well as automotive industries.


Marek Pawlak


Marek Pawlak
Chief Sales Officer

Marek is an internationally experienced manager in the flexible packaging industry: In his nearly 30 years with adapa, he has held various positions, including the role of Sales Unit Head, and contributed significantly to the Group’s success. Furthermore, as Managing Director, he ensured the successful market position and development of the Group’s production plants.

Specialising in cross culture communication and social sciences, Marek is also an internationally renowned lecturer. With his intercultural leadership skills, Marek is strengthening international teams and successfully driving innovation and transformation processes.