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Skin films for meat, fish, and poultry

adapa offers a broad range of skin films for meat, fish, and poultry packaging applications. Even rough and hard-edged products such as bacon, seafood, or food products with bones are safely covered by skin films like a second skin. Our skin films stand out for their transparency, gloss, and high puncture resistance. Skin films also offer a longer shelf life compared to packages using protective gas.

Technical features

  • Sealable on PE, Mono APET, Mono PP, or paper/cardboard
  • Gauge: 80 to 150 μm
  • EVOH high barrier 
  • Peelable
  • Pasteurisable 
  • Temperature resistant: heatable in a microwave or in hot water  
  • Print (optional)

Benefits for converters 

  • Transparency and gloss for an attractive product presentation at the PoS 
  • Mechanical stability: high puncture and tear resistance
  • Reliable sealing 
  • No product loss – juicing
  • Excellent machinability: Skin films can be processed on all state-of-the-art thermoforming machines and tray sealers 
  • Films can be intermediate printed (gravure printing)
  • Short cycle times and delivery times, short time-to-market

Benefits for consumers

  • Premium look, almost 360° presentation of the product
  • Natural feel
  • Reliable protection during transportation, safe storage
  • Convenient handling, easy to open 
  • No juicing
  • Extended shelf life 

Our services

  • Application related consulting
  • Development of individual packaging solutions 
  • Converting / Finishing
  • Technical service on site
  • PackScience Center for tests and training

Request for further information

If you would like to find out more about this product and our services, please contact us directly at Our friendly sales team looks forward to hearing from you and will gladly provide you with the personal support and information you require.