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Aluminium laminates for cheese and dairy products

adapa offers extremely low-gauge, efficient laminate solutions for the economical and sustainable wrapping of butter or soft cheese. Depending on the requirement profile and product specification, we use aluminium films or laminated structres with printed parchment paper, grease-resistant/grease-proof paper or plastic.

Technical features Yango® aluminium films 

  • Material: aluminium 
  • Laminate materials: 
    • Plastic (3 µm OPP)
    • Parchment paper 
    • Grease-resistant/grease-proof papers 
    • Wax papers
  • Gauge: from 4.7 µm  
  • Printing with up to 8 colours in gravure print: Ink-Inside technology

Benefits for converters 

  • Extremely low-gauge laminate solutions – efficient use of material
  • Reduced amount of packaging material = more linear meters per roll, less frequent roll changes, more efficient production
  • Excellent machinability – high production speed 
  • High tear and scratch resistance 
  • Extraordinary gloss for an ideal product presentation at the POS
  • High-quality printing 
  • Short cycle and delivery times, short time-to-market 

Benefits for consumers

  • Premium look
  • Convenient handling, easy to open 
  • Extended shelf life
  • Preserves taste and aroma 

Our services

  • Application related consulting
  • Development of individual packaging solutions 
  • Converting / Finishing
  • Technical service on site
  • PackScience Center for tests and training

Request for further information

If you would like to find out more about this product and our services, please contact us directly at Our friendly sales team looks forward to hearing from you and will gladly provide you with the personal support and information you require.