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In order to be a leader in the field of sustainability, we demonstrate trustworthiness to our clients regarding our expertise and our products. We sell our products worldwide and legal requirements vary widely from country to country. To ensure compliance with all regulations, we must study each country’s legislations individually in order to be able to develop suitable recyclable products that can then be used with all their functions in the respective country. For multinational customers, a packaging design fulfilling recycling requirements in the countries they sell the products in, is key. On an operational level, this entails conducting desk research and participating in panel discussions and forums. As active members in various associations, adapa also participates in groups and discussions with national legislative authorities. Our Sustainability team is responsible for this ongoing process. With the introduction of the EU Plastic Tax and further national regulations in 2021, customers are increasingly worried about the legal situation in- and outside of the EU. We train our sales employees in “total cost of ownerships” as we include extended producer responsibility fees and national taxes into a cost model for customers which helps our customers to be compliant and at the same time cost efficient! By continuously monitoring the legal environment, we ensure compliance with legal requirements in the area of material use and circular economy. This ongoing process gives us a framework for our work and decision making.