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Let us shape our sustainable future together!

adapa unites packaging enthusiasts from all over Europe in the inspiration to protect goods. As a young corporate group, it is part of our DNA to think outside the box and to break new ground. This is the spirit that helped us to grow fast so that today, adapa is already one of the leading European suppliers of flexible packaging  

And we still have lots of plans. As adapa group we have a common understanding of why we belong together and what drives us. This is why we need you! People who not only look for new ways, but who are also willing to be part of our journey to protective packaging solutions. Experienced personalities with a flexible mind and an entrepreneurial approach, able to identify opportunities and knowing how to exploit them. Dedicated hands-on mentalities who tackle problems and who prefer to create solutions instead of administrating existing processes. Creative minds taking changes as part of their daily work, who are critical and do not take anything as given. In summary: People who are willing to develop permanently, who strife to improve and to “grow”, both on a professional and on a personal level.

Curious? Then you should become an accelerator of change, too. Let us reshape our sustainable future together. We look forward to receiving your application.

Please send your application directly to the group company for which you would like to work. All contact details can be found at:
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